Tokenized and financial products over the Bitcoin network

We leverage the power of the Bitcoin ecosystem to create the next-generation products over L2/L3, using LNP/BP, RGB and other technologies.

Payments, DeFi, Tokenization, Liquidity solutions… any kind of service you can imagine around Bitcoin, we build it.

We like Bitcoin

It’s simple. We build directly, through side-chains or multiple layers any kind of service over the Bitcoin network, leveraging its leading robustness and security


Micro payments through Lighting Network


Video games with bitcoin-based incentives


Assets design and deployment over L2, L3 and Liquid

Digital ID

Self-Sovereign Identity using distributed networks


New economy models with reward systems


Certification services secured by the strength of Bitcoin


Distributed file applications based on IPFS protocol


Liquidity pools over Bitcoin with L2/L3 technologies

Technologies we work with

After intensive testing and developing over different Blockchains since 2015, today we use Bitcoin to build most of our products. We also use the Liquid for NFTs and liquidity solutions, IPFS to storage, Lightning as layer 2 for transactios, RGB as layer 3 for tokenization and The Symbol chain (previously NEM) for complex transactions.
Services demanding robustness & security
Instant, zero-cost & private micropayments
Tokenization & side-chains transactions
Decentralized custody
Smart contracts & tokenization over Bitcoin
Multilevel multisignature transactions


We develop our proprietary products, as well as helping others in their development run, by adding value from a technical, business, comercial, financial and strategic crypto perspective. If you have your own resources but need help let us assist you with the solution!


We are entrepreneurs with active & profitable companies and sufficient concern to keep creating new realities; Engineers and Innovation professionals with 100+ years combined experience in technology development. :-)

Miguel Caballero

Carlos Roldán

Javier Ortiz

Carlos Borlado



Brilliant companies and protocols we support & develop with in order to create the best experiences in crypto space
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